Introducción a la División de Información de la Oficina Económica y Cultural de Taipei en Venezuela

Historia y jurisdicción

La División de Información de la Oficina Económica y Cultural de Taipei en Venezuela fue creada en noviembre del año 1989 con el objetivo de promover el conocimiento y entendimiento del gobierno y pueblo de la República de Venezuela sobre la República de China. Su jurisdicción se extiende hasta el área de la República de Colombia.

Metas principales de trabajo

Dirección y teléfonos:

Av. Francisco de Miranda, Torre Delta, piso 4, Ofic. 4-B,
Altamira Sur, Caracas, Venezuela.
Apartado Postal 69097, Caracas 1062-A

Teléfonos:58-212-1123234 y 58-212-1128569

Horario de Trabajo: Lunes a viernes

Presentación Breve de la Oficina Representativa del Gobierno de la República de China en Venezuela


Oficina Económica y Cultural de Taipei



Relaciones entre la República de China y la República de Venezuela

Por su parte, las exportaciones de Venezuela a Taiwan se situaron en US$7.62 millones. La oferta venezolana incluye derivados de petróleo, acero, aleaciones de hierro, productos de aluminio, productos químicos y PVC.

Para finales de ese año el intercambio comercial entre ambos países llegó a US$96.73 millones de dólares americanos.

Con respecto a CETRA,organismo encargado de la promoción y comercialización de los productos de Taiwan, todos los años organiza la visita a Venezuela de una numerosa delegación de empresarios y comerciantes taiwaneses interesados en invertir en el mercado venezolano.

Best Taiwanese foods to eat in Taipei

Some people just cannot live without Taiwanese food. Whether you visit this country and serve their delicious food on the street in Taipei or you have your favorite Taiwanese restaurant in the heart of your hometown, this cuisine does not cease to astonish you with its rich favors and innovative combinations. Here are some great Taiwanese recipes that you should not miss.

The most appreciated Taiwanese spices

There’s no better way to get in touch with a culture than tasting their traditional foods. Visit Taipei and you will sure leave this impressive city with a few extra pounds. Apart from the Fried Pork Chop Rice – which is crispy and yummy – and Clam and Ginger Soup – it will drive you crazy, it is a guarantee! – they have numerous other plates that will definitely charm your palate.

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Start your day with a hot and crunchy Shaobing Youtiao, this amazing combination of roasted flatbread with dozens of sesame seeds and fried breadstick. Serve it with some soy milk and you will sure have enough energy for half of the day. But if you are allergic to sesame seeds, you will probably want to skip it. However, if you decide to just taste it, keep OxyHives at reach to banish your urticaria soon after its blooming on your skin.

If you are in the mood for a tasty snack, go for Danbing. This Taiwanese snack will not disappoint you if you are a fan of pancakes. Order it with onion flavor, cheese, veggies or just egg and it will sure open your appetite for more Taiwanese foods. Hot Pot, Fried Milkfish and Hot and Sour Soup are some delightful choices for your lunch. Order them all or pick just once of them – either way your hunger will be satisfied in a remarkable way.

An unbelievable culinary feast

Many Taiwanese raise their own chickens, so the foods you will eat will have high-quality ingredients. Their most popular spices and seasonings are ginger, star anise, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, soy sauce, cilantro, sesame oil, rice wine, basil and many others. As for desserts, you will be spoilt for choice. Baobing, suncakes, pineapple cake and Zukak Kway are only some of the dishes you must try when you need some sweet snacks.

It will be hard to check the ingredients every time when you will order a new side. Take OxyHives in your bag and, regardless of what you will consume, this treatment will assist you to keep hives under control. Travel to Taipei, try the traditional Taiwanese recipes and enjoy every moment of your culinary experience!